Professor Emerita Elizabeth Reitz receives Fryxell Award at Society for American Archaeology's annual meeting

Zooarchaeologist Elizabeth Reitz retires to join our emeritus faculty. She is a major figure in anthropological zooarchaeology: Her interdisciplinary research continues to guide and inspire scholars across disciplines.

Reitz has attained recognition through both prestigious awards and her work, as follows.

2016 Recipient of Society for American Archaeology's Fryxell Award for Interdisciplinary work in Archaeology

2014 American Academy of Arts and Sciences

2012 American Association for the Advancement of Science

Editor, Southeastern Archaeology (2015–2017)

Director, Georgia Museum of Natural History (1997-2002)

President, Society for Historical Archaeology (1994)

Eight books and monographs

>150 articles and book chapters

>130 zooarchaeological reports