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I am a third-year Ph.D. student broadly interested in small farming and organic agriculture in the United States, and the way knowledge systems, memory, and agricultural heritage inform how individuals preserve farming practices, maintain traditional varieties, and pass knowledge on to future generations. I am particularly interested in the rapidly growing yet still largely unheralded role that Latinx immigrants are playing in U.S. small farming as producers, whether their practices reflect the traditional skills and agricultural knowledge they may possess, and, in the context of transnational migration, how their memories carry over into the agricultural practices and knowledge they may wish to preserve.

I come to UGA's anthropology department with a varied background, including an undergraduate and graduate studies in religion, two years teaching English in Warsaw, Poland, graduate studies in anthropology, corporate administrative work in investment banking, and undergraduate teaching experience.


M.A. in Cultural Anthropology, Hunter College-CUNY

M.T.S. in Hebrew Bible, Vanderbilt University

B.A. in Religious Studies, Rhodes College