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Baldwin Hall, Room 103E

My research interests include institutions, land tenure, agrobiodiversity and seed exchange in West Africa.

Of note:
  • Graduate Student Paper Award - Fall 2017 meeting of the Southeastern Regional Seminar on African Studies (SERSAS)
  • Member of the 2017 Graduate Scholars: Leadership, Engagement, and Development (GS LEAD) cohort, an NSF-funded program of the UGA Graduate School



Bonanno, A.V. & Bonanno, A.M. 2017. [Presentation] Family Farms, Family Land: National Land Policy, Customary Tenure Arrangements, and Change in Northern Sierra Leone. Paper presented at the Southeastern Regional Seminar in African Studies Fall 2017 Conference, Auburn University. Awarded Best Graduate Student Paper


B.A. Intercultural Studies, Houghton College, 2011

Research Areas:

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Tuesday, January 28, 2020 - 2:11pm

Walker DePuy, Katie Foster, Suneel Kumar, and Kristen Lear, along with co-authors Jacob Weger, Anya Bonanno, Raul Basilio, and Laura German, receive the J.