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Career Outcomes

Our graduate students go on to teaching and research positions in various academic and non-academic institutions around the world. Provided below is a list of students who received a degree from Anthropology at the University of Georgia, their graduation dates, and current employment. 

Please note that this table is not an complete list of degrees conferred. If you are an alumni and would like your information to be displayed, please email Mary Keilman for updates.

Name Graduation year Degree  Title of Dissertation/Thesis Current position and place of employment Research Area
Isabelle Holland-Lulewicz 2020 PhD Localized Histories of Calusa Ecology and Economy, Southwestern Florida, AD 1000 – 1500 Assistant Professor, The Pennsylvania State University Zooarchaeology
Jake Holland-Lulewicz 2018 PhD Network Histories of Southern Appalachia, AD 600-1600 Assistant Professor, Penn State Archaeology
Stefan Brannan 2018 Ph.D. The Settlement Archaeology of Singer-Moye, a Large 14th-Century Town in the Chattahoochee Valley Associate Director of Archaeology at New South Associates, Inc. Archaeology
Jessica Ham 2016 PhD Who Knows Tomorrow?: Food Insecurity, Distress and Managing the Future in Upper West Ghana Assistant Professor, Oxford College of Emory University Cultural
Karen Allen 2016 PhD Conservation Planning in a Global Era: The Role of Market-Based Mechanisms in Promoting Sustainable Development in Costa Rica Assistant Professor, Furman University Cultural
Joseph Lanning 2016 PhD CALCULATED, CONSTRAINED, AND CO-OPTED: EXPLAINING AGRICULTURAL DECISION MAKING OF MALAWIAN SMALLHOLDERS IN THE NEW AFRICAN GREEN REVOLUTION Assistant Professor (School for International Training Graduate Institute) and Program Director (School for International Training Study Abroad) Cultural
Edward (Ted) Maclin 2015 PhD Knowledge in the Network: An Ethnography of WWF's Global Arctic Program Assistant Professor of Teaching, Department of Anthropology, University of Memphis Cultural
Brent Vickers 2015 PhD Effects of market participation on community perceived adaptive capacity and resilience in rural Samoa Anthropology Supervisor, US Fish and Wildlife Service Office of Subsistence Management Cultural
Madalena Monteban 2015 PhD Cultural resilience, maternal knowledge and infant growth in the Peruvian Andes Investigador Asistente, National Scientific and Technical Research Council, Argentina Cultural
Asher Rosinger 2015 PhD Hydration strategies, nutrition, and health during a lifestyle transition in the Bolivian Amazon Assistant Professor of Biobehavioral Health and Anthropology, Pennsylvania State University Biological
Tad Brown 2015 PhD   Research Associate, Department for History and Philosophy of Science, University of Cambridge Cultural
Laura Tilghman 2014 PhD City livelihoods and village linkages: rural-urban migrants in Tamatave, Madagascar Associate Professor of Anthropology, Plymouth State University Cultural
Susannah Chapman 2014 PhD   ARC DECRA Research Fellow, The University of Queensland Cultural
Jonathan Penland 2013 PhD Expanding Our Understanding of the Knowledge-Action Process Following Environmentally-Based Study Abroad Programs Professor of Anthropology Toccoa Falls College Cultural
Michael Coughlan 2013 PhD Fire use, landscape transition and the socioecological strategies of households in the French Western Pyrenees Faculty Research Associate, University of Oregon, Eugene, Or Cultural & Archaeology
Sarah Bergh 2012 PhD Subsistence, Settlement, and Land-Use Changes during the Mississippian Period on St. Catherines Island, GA Faculty and Assistant Director of MA Program at Union Institute & University Zooarchaeology
Christine Beitl 2012 PhD Beyond collective action: a multi-scale analysis of sustainability in the mangrove fishery commons of coastal Ecuador University of Maine Cultural
Jessie Fly 2012 PhD Coping with Golden Forests and Blue Revolutions: Livelihoods Vulnerability in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam Associate Professor of Anthropology, Eckerd College Cultural
Juana Camacho 2011 PhD EMBODIED TASTES: FOOD AND AGROBIODIVERSITY IN THE COLOMBIAN ANDES Researcher, Instituto Colombiano de Antropologia e Historia Cultural
Nemer Narchi 2011 PhD One knowledge, two conduits: The social, demographic, and toxicological factors that govern Seri ethnomedicine Profesor-Investigador Titular A, El Colegio de Michoacán, México. Cultural
Ben Steere 2011 PhD The Archaeology of Houses and Households in the Native Southeast Associate Professor, Western Carolina University Archaeology
Alice Gooding 2011 MS   Assistant Chair of the Department of Geography and Anthropology, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, and Forensic Anthropologist for the State of Georgia at Large Biological
Sarah Hunt 2010 PhD Designing Ecosystems Independent consultant Cultural
Paul Scanlon 2010 PhD Cuisine as an Agent of Acculturation Senior Methodologist, National Center for Health Statistics Cultural
Jenna Andrews-Swann 2010 PhD Transnational Landscapes and the Cuban Diaspora Associate Professor of Anthropology and Interim Director of the Institute for Environmental Sciences, Georgia Gwinnett College Cultural
Gretchen Eggiman 2010 MS The Reconstruction of Middle Sixteenth Century Architectural Patterns in Chattanooga, Tennessee: The David Davis Farm Site (40HA301) Principal Investigator at Southern Research, Historic Preservation Consultants, Inc. Archaeology
M. Ruth Martinez-Rodriguez 2009 PhD Ethnobotanical Knowledge Accquisition among Tsimane' Children in the Bolivian Amazon Sustainable Agriculture Consultant, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations; and Professor at The Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center (CATIE)  
L. Jen Shaffer 2009 PhD Human-Environment Interactions on a Coastal Forest-Savanna Mosaic in Southern Mozambique Associate Professor, Dept. of Anthropology, University of Maryland College Park Cultural
Matthew Compton 2009 PhD Regional Patterns of Animal Use during the Woodland and Mississippian Periods in the Central Mississippi Valley Director and Curator, Laboratory of Archaeology, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Georgia Southern University Zooarchaeology
Catarina Passidomo 2009 MA "The More, the Merrier: Social Capital Amongst Small-scale Farmers in Athens, GA" Associate Professor of Southern Studies and Anthropology, the University of Mississippi Cultural
Colleen O'Brien Cherry 2008 PhD Ethnobiological Knowledge of the Sonoran Desert: Inter-generational Learning and Variation UGA Associate Director of Foundation Relations Cultural
Milan Shrestha 2007 PhD Smallholders, mountain agriculture and land change in Lamjung district, Nepal Senior Lecturer, School of Sustainability, Arizona State University Cultural
Joshua Lockyer 2007 PhD Sustainability and Utopianism: An Ethnography of Cultural Critique in Contemporary Intentional Communities Professor of Anthropology, Department of Behavioral Sciences, Arkansas Tech University Cultural
Beth Lovern 2007 PhD Cultural Models and Landscape Change: An Oral and Environmental History of the Santee Cooper Project Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Strategic Initiatives at Piedmont University and Associate Professor of Anthroplogy  
Govinda Basnet 2007 PhD Water of Discord, Water of Unity: An Ethnographic Study of the Struggle for Water Rights in Upper Mustang Nepal Consultant, Nepall Cultural
Todd CRANE 2006 PhD Changing times and changing ways: local knowledge, political ecology and development in the Niger River Inland Delta of central Mali Principle Scientist at the International Livestock Research Institute Cultural
Carlos Garcia-Quijano 2006 PhD Resisting Extinction: LEK and success in a Puerto Rican small scale fishery Professor of Anthropology and Marine Affairs, University of Rhode Island Cultural
David Greenawalt 2006 PhD Cultural Survival and Resource Use at the Margin: Cultural Ecology of Punta Gorda Expert - Customer Insights @ McKinsey & Company Cultural
Charles Elfer 2006 MA Takataka Associate Professor of History and History Education, Clayton State University Cultural
Erin Riley 2005 PhD ETHNOPRIMATOLOGY OF Macaca tonkeana: THE INTERFACE OF PRIMATE ECOLOGY, HUMAN ECOLOGY, AND CONSERVATION IN LORE LINDU NATIONAL PARK, SULAWESI, INDONESIA Professor, Department of Anthropology, San Diego State University Biological (Ethnoprimatology)
Brian Campbell 2005 PhD Developing Dependence, Encountering Resistance: The Historical Ethnoecology of Farming in the Missouri Ozarks Chair, Environmental Science and Studies, Berry College Cultural
Aaron Lampman 2004 PhD Tzeltal Ethnomycology: Naming, Classification and Use of Mushrooms in the Highlands of Chiapas, Mexico. Exploring the Intersection of Nature and Cognition. Associate Professor of Anthropology and International Studies Cultural
Anna Waldstein 2004 PhD How to Stay Healthy in a Mexican Immigrant Community: The Role of Women’s Knowledge Senior Lecturer, School of Anthropology and Conservation, University of Kent Cultural
Rob Cooley 2003 PhD Cultural Models and Fishing Knowledge, A case study of Blue Crab Fishermen in Georgia, USA Associate Professor, Anthropology and Environmental Science, Pennsylvania College of Technology Cultural
Perez Rodriguez, Veronica 2003 PhD HOUSEHOLD INTENSIFICATION AND AGRARIAN STATES: EXCAVATION OF HOUSES AND TERRACED FIELDS IN A MIXTEC CACICAZGO Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology. University at Albany SUNY Archaeology
Julie Wieczkowski 2003 PhD Aspects of the ecological flexibility of the Tana mangabey (Cercocebus galeritus) in its fragmented habitat, Tana River, Kenya Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology, SUNY Buffalo State Biological
Mikell Gleason 2003 Ph.D Cultural Models of Individualism and Collectivism: Self-Efficacy vs. Interdependence in Rural Senegal Senior Lecturer in the Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources Cultural
Ramie Gougeon 2002 PhD Household Research at the Late Mississippian Little Egypt site (9MU102) Chair and Professor, Department of Anthropology, University of West Florida Archaeology
Barnet Pavao-Zuckerman 2001 PhD Culture Contact and Subsistence Change at Fusihatchee (1EE191) Professor and Chair, Department of Anthropology, University of Maryland zooarchaeology


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