Velásquez Runk, Tanner and Dyer part of collaborative and interdisciplinary zoonotic disease project

Members of the zoonotic disease research team take blood samples from a dog

Associate professors Julie Velásquez Runk and Susan Tanner are part of a collaborative and interdisciplinary current project investigating links between deforestation and the zoonotic diseases leishmaniasis and Chagas Disease. Learn more about the project in an article led by anthropology graduate student Jessie Dyer. 




Defense prospectus: Biocultural Dynamics of Spanish Colonization on St. Catherines Island, GA: Bioarchaeological Perspectives...

Bioarchaeologist Carey Garland presents his dissertation prospectus, fully titled "Biocultural Dynamics of Spanish Colonization on St. Catherines Island, GA: Bioarchaeological Perspectives from the Sites of Fallen Tree and Santa Catalina de Guale."

Primate Behavioral Ecology Lab

The Laboratory of Primate Behavioral Ecology provides a workspace for graduate and advanced undergraduate students interested in research on primate behavior, ecology and conservation.  The Lab has currently a range of research projects, including the understanding of: the communication of wild and captive western gorillas (production, use and function of vocalizations and non-vocal sounds), the spatial cognitive abilities, proximity pattern and ranging behavior of wild western gorillas, and the interactions between diverse primate species and human activities (Brazil, Costa Rica).

Victor Thompson makes an internationally significant find

Victor Thompson Excavates a Calusa civilization shell midden in Florida

For many years, UGA archaeologist Victor Thompson and Chester DePratter of the University of South Carolina have worked to excavate and interpret findings from the S.C. Parris island coastal area known to be the first  Spanish colonial capital in what became the United States. This summer they made an exciting discovery of the exact location of the 16th-century Fort San Marcos. The revelation has garnered extensive international media coverage.

Marilyn Rodriguez joins the department

Marilyn Rodriguez joined our department as Business Manager II at the end of October, in the position formerly held by LaBau Bryan. She holds Bachelor of Business Administration degrees in both human resources management and accounting from Georgia Southwestern University and will graduate with an M.B.A. degree from the same school in December 2017. Once the main office has been completed, Rodriguez's office will be in Baldwin room 250; in the meantime, she's in room 151, the Ecolab.

David Hecht becomes a NatGeo Young Explorer

David Hecht

David Hecht, Ph.D. student in anthropology and integrative conservation, won a National Geographic Society Young Explorers Grant to support his continuing project work in Bhutan, “Collaborative Watershed Mapping and White-bellied Heron Conservation in S. Central Bhutan." The grant is administered through the NatGeo Conservation Trust program which funds applied and innovative approaches to conservation.