Food For Thought: Reconstructing the Diet of Napoleon's Grand Army


University of Georgia Anthropology graduate student, Sammantha Holder, sheds new light on the surprisingly complex dietary—and social—diversity among Napoleon’s armed forces. In addition to details on her reconstructive, and tragic, research, this piece offers an excellent overview of how isotope dating analysis is done. This knowledge can be applied in any course, reading, or television show you encounter.

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Julie Velásquez Runk publishes unique work, Crafting Wounaan Landscapes

Julie Velásquez Runk

The University of Arizona Press spring 2017 catalog includes a unique work by Associate Professor Julie Velásquez Runk, Crafting Wounaan Landscapes, Identity, Art and Environmental Governance in Panama's Darién.

A reviewer calls the book “A significant—indeed unique—contribution to the literature on lowland South America. Velásquez Runk's conclusions will define the future of development, conservation, and cultural ecology studies.” 

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