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Community and Environment Lab

Community and Environment Lab

Our lab is unified by commitment to working with communities on issues of environmental sustainability and wellbeing, and how those are related to cultural, historical, and political forces. We ground our work in ethics of care, pluralism, humility, and respect.  We are dedicated to holistic, joyful approaches that bridge the sciences and humanities, with Indigenous, ecological, geographical, historical, linguistic, and educational foundations.  We work with communities on knowing and doing, through emplaced archival work, participatory mapping, conversations and semi-structured interviews, vegetation assessments, satellite image analysis, discourse and socio-linguistic analyses, geographic information systems, wildlife surveys, and observant participation, among others.  We appreciate the way that new technologies allow us to build bridges in our collaborations and we use diverse media to make our work relevant by presenting and publishing for community, academic, and other non-academic publics.



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