Adjunct Professor

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Ph.D. Anthropology, University of Arizona 2006

M.A. Anthropology, University of Arizona 2000

A.B. Anthropology and Political Science, University of Georgia 1996


Research Interests

I am an informatics expert and archaeologist specializing both in scientific computing solutions for non-profit organizations as well as the relationship between landscape structure, land use and valuation, and human social boundaries.


Selected Publications

  • Chamblee, J. F. and M. Williams. 2015. Social Archaeology is Multiscalar Archaeology: Multiple Views of Savannah Period Settlement Pattern Change in Georgia. In Archaeological Perspectives on the southern Appalachians: A Multiscalar Approach, R.A. Gougeon and M.S. Meyers, eds. University of Tennessee, Knoxville. pp. 199-219.
  • Chamblee, J.F., P.F. Colwell, C.A. Dehring, C.A. Depken. 2011. The Effect of Conservation Activity on Surrounding Land Prices. Land Economics 87(3):453-472
  • Chamblee, J.F., C.A. Dehring, C.A. Depken. 2009. Watershed development restrictions and land prices: Empirical evidence from southern Appalachia. Regional Science and Urban Economics 39(3):287-296