How To Rust

The short film, How to Rust, is a postindustrial fable told in iron, rocks, and wood. It takes as its starting point an installation built out of repurposed materials that spans several vacant lots alongside Ford Freeway in Detroit, Michigan. The installation “Iron Teaching Rocks How to Rust” is the work of storyteller Olayami Dabls which he fashions as a metaphor for the forced assimilation of Africans to European culture and language.

“Unearthing Georgia’s Deep Hispanic Heritage: Still Digging on St. Catherines Island”

David Hurst Thomas has served as curator of anthropology at the American Museum of Natural History in New York since 1972, and, for seven years, served as the chairman of the department of anthropology. Thomas has conducted archaeological research on St. Catherines Island since 1974.

Sponsored by the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences and the department of anthropology.