Dr. Stephen Kowalewski


Office: Baldwin Hall, Rm 257   
Voice: (706) 542-1462
Fax: (706) 542-3998
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Ph.D. Anthropology, University of Arizona 1976

Expertise & Interests

  • Archaeology and history of Mesoamerica and North America (especially Southeast and Southwest)
  • Regional-scale anthropology
  • Human ecology
  • Economic anthropology
  • Demography
  • Systematic archaeological surveys in Oaxaca, Mexico, and Georgia (U.S.).

Research Projects

I am interested in anthropology at all scales, but my own work begins with regions. My theoretical inspiration comes from economics and demography, or political economy. I continue to do archaeological survey in Oaxaca, Mexico, and I am also interested in the North American Southeast and Southwest.

Grant Support

  • National Science Foundation
  • National Geographic Society

Selected Publications

  • Kowalewski, Stephen A., Luis A. Barba Pingarrón, Jorge Blancas, Marisol Yadira Cortés Vilchis, Gabriela García Ayala, Leonardo López Zárate, Agustín Ortiz, Thomas J. Pluckhahn, Benjamin A. Steere, and Blanca Vilchis Flores. 2008. Proyecto Urbanismo Temprano y Tardío en Coixtlahuaca, Oaxaca: Informe Técnico Final. Submitted to Consejo  de Arqueología, Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia, México, D.F. Department of Anthropology, University of Georgia, Athens.
  • Kowalewski, Stephen A. 2005. “When the Past is Destroyed: Loss of Archaeological Sites Due to Urbanization.” Early Georgia 33(1): 1-44.
  • Kowalewski, Stephen A. 2006. “Coalescent Societies.” In Light on the Path: Essays in the Anthropology and History of the Southeastern Indians, edited by Thomas J. Pluckhahn and Robbie Ethridge, 94-122. Tuscaloosa: University of Alabama Press.
  • Kowalewski, Stephen A., Gary M. Feinman, Linda M. Nicholas, and Verenice Y. Heredia. 2006. “Hilltowns and Valley Fields: Great Transformations, Labor, and Long-Term History in Ancient Oaxaca.” In Labor in Cross-Cultural Perspective, edited by E. Paul Durrenebreger and Judith Marti, 197-216. Lanham, Maryland: Altamira Press.
  • Kowalewski, Stephen A. 2007. “Concluding Observations: Perspectives from the Hill Towns of Oaxaca.” In Trincheras Sites in Time, Space, and Society, edited by Suzanne K. Fish, Paul R. Fish, and Elisa Villalpando, 247-267. Tucson: University of Arizona Press.
  • Kowalewski, Stephen A. 2007. “From Out of the Southwest, a New Kind of Past.” In Zuni Origins: Toward a New Synthesis of Southwestern Archaeology, edited by David A. Gregory and David R. Wilcox, 434-445. Tucson: University of Arizona Press.
  • Kowalewski, Stephen A., and Jacqueline J. Saindon. 2007. “Historia y Alfabetismo en Oaxaca.” Humanidades: Revista del Instituto de Humanidades, Universidad Autónoma "Benito Juárez" de Oaxaca 4-5: 55-71.
  • Kowalewski, Stephen A. 2008. “Regional Settlement Pattern Studies.” Journal of Archaeological Research 16: 225-285.
  • Fish, Suzanne K., and Stephen A. Kowalewski, editors. 2009. The Archaeology of Regions: A Case for Full-Coverage Survey. Reprinted with new prologue. Clinton Corners, New York: Percheron Press/Eliot Werner Publications. Originally published 1990, Smithsonian Institution Press, Washington, D.C.
  • Kowalewski, Stephen A. 2009. “Localización de la Base de la Complejidad.” In Bases de la Complejidad Social en Oaxaca: Memoria de la Cuarta Mesa Redonda de Monte Albán, edited by Nelly M. Robles García, 265-276. Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia, México, D.F.
  • Kowalewski, Stephen A., Andrew K. Balkansky, Laura R. Stiver Walsh, Thomas J. Pluckhahn, John F. Chamblee, Verónica Pérez Rodríguez, Verenice Y. Heredia Espinoza, and Charlotte A. Smith. 2009. Origins of the Ñuu: Archaeology in the Mixteca Alta, Mexico. Boulder: University Press of Colorado.
  • Heredia Espinoza, Verenice Y., Stephen A. Kowalewski, and Verónica Pérez Rodríguez 2009. “Cerro Jazmín: The Morphology of an Urban Center in the Mixteca Alta.” In Urbanism in Mesoamerica, Vol. 2, edited by Guadalupe Mastache, Robert Cobean, Angel García Cook, and Kenneth G. Hirth, 423-446. Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia, México, D.F., and University Park: Pennsylvania State University.


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