Janae Lundsford, Assistant Professor Laurie Reitsema, and graduate student Samm Holder

Fourteen students, mentored by anthropology faculty members, presented their original research at the 2017 CURO symposium held at the Classic Center April 3 and 4. The Honors program helms the Creating Undergraduate Research Opportunities (CURO) program each year.

Three undergraduates made oral presentations: CURO Research Assistant Sarah Jane Dillon, mentored by Distinguished Research Professor Peter Brosius, presented her paper, "Tolak Reklamasi: Rejecting Tourist Developments in Bali." CURO Research Assistant Maria Munoz, mentored by Assistant Professor Roberta Salmi, presented her paper, "Non-Vocal Sounds in a Group of Western Lowland Gorillas." Foundation Fellow Abigail West, mentored by faculty member Chris Joseph, presented "The Sapelo Island Coloring Book."

Eleven students presented their research as detailed academic posters and shared information with attendees at the poster session held on Monday, April third. Their names, the titles of their posters, and their faculty mentors are listed below. 

Abstracts for all fourteen research presentations appear in the 2017 CURO Book of Abstracts, attached here as a pdf. It's easiest to go to the index to select the presenter's name then select the second page number listed and do a page number search. You'll have to scroll down a few pages to reach the actual abstract because of the introduction page set up. CURO_2017_Book_of_Abstracts_1.pdf

The photo included here is of Janae Lunsford's poster presentation with her faculty mentor, Laurie Reitsema, and graduate student Samm Holder. 

Poster presenters and faculty mentors:

Adwoa Agyepong 

Cemetery Records and The Spanish Flu in Athens, GA

Associate Professor Susan Tanner

Prabhjot K Minhas 

Refugee Health and Migration

Associate Professor Susan Tanner

Kara Pemberton 

Using Syndemics Theory to Examine the Correlation Between Wealth, Disease Knowledge and Zoonotic Diseases in Panama

Associate Professor Susan Tanner

Hannah R. Gilbert 

Fecal Composition and Its Relation to Diet

Assistant Professor Laurie Reitsema

Rachel N. Horton 

Diachronic Perspectives on Human Diet Variation in Greek, Roman, and Medieval Albania

Assistant Professor Laurie Reitsema

Janae Marie Lunsford 

Investigating Diet and Stress in Medieval Polish Individuals Using the Bone Density Fractionation Method

Assistant Professor Laurie Reitsema

Maria Munoz 

Non-Vocal Sounds in a Group of Western Lowland Gorillas

Assistant Professor Roberta Salmi

Samantha Keating 

The Evolution of Religion in Africa: A Test of the Big God Hypothesis

Associate Professor Bram Tucker

Rose Parham 

Identity, Cosmology, and Subsistence in Madagascar

Associate Professor Bram Tucker

Matt Pieper 

Animism and Foraging Economies

Associate Professor Bram Tucker

Taylor Alicia Hill 

The Necessity for Ethics in Developing Adaptive Management Strategies for Water Scarcity

Associate Professor Don Nelson