temple in sicily

The study abroad classes are underway, and the UGA archaeology field schools begin soon.

Professor Brosius' "Bali and Beyond" Maymester program is in full swing and we look forward to catching up with their new experiences any day.

Associate Professor Laurie Reitsema's Research Experiences for Undergraduates National Science Foundation-funded class has begun and the 2018 blog, with posts by students, faculty members and instructors, is up and running. This bioarchaeological archaeology project in Greece is fascinating on so many research fronts: archaeological war casualty remains recovery, with health revelations that may help indicate why the army suffered such a crushing defeat; as implications in the fields of classics, classics; ancient history, public health, and literature studies. Students learn from performing hands'-on, cutting-edge bioarchaeology research techhniques with world-renowned scientists and biological material from national museums where they work with internationally known curation faculty.