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About me

My interests are underpinned by the desire to understand how the lived experiences of individuals and communities articulate with long-term, large-scale processes of social and cultural change. This includes the social transformations that transpire when people reorganize themselves on the landscape through processes of settlement aggregation, migration, and geopolitical realignment. I have active research projects in the Lower Great Lakes and the Deep South that articulate with these objectives in various ways, all of which further understandings of organizational complexity and diversity in eastern North America. This includes seeking to understand social complexity from the ground up, including complex relations between individuals and groups in non-state societies.

Current Projects

I have active research projects in northeastern and southeastern North America. 

Dr. Birch and students from UGA and U of T conducting fieldwork at Hamilton-Lougheed, a Petun village in Ontario, Canada.
Investigations at Hamilton-Lougheed, a 17th century Petun village

Ongoing projects in the northeast include:

  • Reconstructing geopolitical relations between Iroquoian communities and nations 
  • Geophysical investigations of Iroquoian villages
  • Pan-Iroquoian social network analysis
  • Chronological modeling and refinement of Iroquoian settlement histories


Dr. Birch and field school students look at geophysical data from Singer-Moye
Examining geophysical data from Singer-Moye 

Ongoing projects in the southeast include:


  • 2010 Doctor of Philosophy, Anthropology, McMaster University
  • 2006 Master of Arts, Anthropology, Carleton University
  • 2003 Bachelor of Arts, Anthropology, Trent University
Research Interests:

Archaeology of eastern North America; Settlement patterns; Archaeology of households and communities; Organizational complexity; Archaeology of warfare; Multi-scalar analyses; Social network analysis; Chronological modeling; Geophysics; Social theory; Heritage; Cultural resource management.

Of note:
  • Award for Excellence in Publishing, Ontario Archaeology Society, 2013
  • Teacher of the Week, Center for Teaching and Learning, University of Georgia, 2016
  • 2016     Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Award, National Science Foundation, Regional Influence on Social Network Development. PI: Jennifer Birch, Co-PI: Jacob Lulewicz, $28,590
  • 2015     Faculty Research Grant, University of Georgia Research Foundation, $9,781
  • 2013     Proposal Resubmission Grants, University of Georgia: Franklin College, Office of the Vice President for Research, and the Department of Anthropology, $10,000
  • 2013     Faculty Research Grant, University of Georgia Research Foundation, $7,980
Selected Publications:


Birch, Jennifer (editor)
2013    From Prehistoric Villages to Cities: Settlement Aggregation and Community Transformation. Routledge, New York. 225 pp.

Birch, Jennifer, and Ronald F. Williamson
2013    The Mantle Site: An Archaeological History of an Ancestral Wendat Community. AltaMira Press, Lanham. 195 pp.

Book Chapters

Birch, Jennifer
In press  Settlement Aggregation and Geopolitical Realignment in the Northeastern Woodlands. In Coming Together: Comparative Approaches To Population Aggregation and Early Urbanization, edited by Attila Guycha. Institute of European and Mediterranean Archaeology, University of Buffalo.

Brannan, Stefan and Jennifer Birch
2017    Settlement Ecology at Singer-Moye: Mississippian History and Demography in the Southeastern United States. In Settlement Ecology of the Ancient Americas, edited by Lucas C. Kellett and Eric E. Jones, pp. 57-84. Routledge, New York.

Birch, Jennifer, Robert B. Wojtowicz, Aleksandra Pradzynski, and Robert H. Pihl
2016    Multi-scalar Perspectives on Iroquoian Ceramics: Aggregation and Interaction in Precontact Ontario. In Process and Meaning in Spatial Archaeology: Investigations into Pre-Columbian Iroquoian Space and Place. Edited by Eric E. Jones and John L. Creese, pp. 147-190. University Press of Colorado, Boulder.

Birch, Jennifer
2013    Between Villages and Cities: Settlement Aggregation in Cross-Cultural Perspective. In From Prehistoric Villages to Cities: Settlement Aggregation and Community Transformation, edited by Jennifer Birch, pp. 1-20. Routledge, New York.

Birch, Jennifer, and Ronald F. Williamson
2013    Organizational Complexity in Ancestral Wendat Communities. In From Prehistoric Villages to Cities: Settlement Aggregation and Community Transformation, edited by Jennifer Birch, pp. 153-178. Routledge, New York.

Peer-reviewed Articles

Birch, Jennifer, Jean-Luc Pilon, and Carley Crann
2016    Chronological Modeling and Insights on European-St. Lawrence Iroquoian Interaction from the Roebuck Site, Ontario. Canadian Journal of Archaeology 40(2).

Birch, Jennifer
2016    Interpreting Iroquoian Site Structure through Geophysical Prospection and Soil Chemistry: Insights from a coalescent community in Ontario, Canada. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 8: 102-111.

Hart, John P., Termeh Shafie, Jennifer A. Birch, Susan Dermarkar, and Ronald F. Williamson
2016    Nation Building and Social Signaling in Southern Ontario: A.D. 1350-1650. PLoS ONE 11(5): e0156178.

Birch, Jennifer, Jacob Lulewicz, and Abigail Rowe
2016    A Comparative Analysis of the Late Woodland-Early Mississippian Settlement Landscape in Northern Georgia. Southeastern Archaeology 34(1):115-133.

Birch, Jennifer, and Stefan Brannan
2015    Summary of the 2015 Field Season at Singer-Moye (9SW2). Early Georgia 43(1&2): 95-100.

Birch, Jennifer, and Ronald F. Williamson
2015    Navigating Ancestral Landscapes in the Northern Iroquoian World. Journal of Anthropological Archaeology 39: 139-150.

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Birch, Jennifer, and Jacob Lulewicz
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Birch, Jennifer
2012    Coalescent Communities: Settlement Aggregation and Social Integration in Iroquoian Ontario. American Antiquity 77(4): 646-670.

Birch, Jennifer
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Birch, Jennifer
2008    Rethinking the Archeological Application of Iroquoian Kinship. Canadian Journal of Archaeology 32(2): 194-213.


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