Conservation, Cooperation and Carbon Credits: The challenge of REDD+ on Pemba Zanzibar

Monique Borgerhoff Mulder is a human behavioural ecologist working on projects relating to life history, conservation, and global patterns of cultural variation. HBE-ers explore the big “Why“ questions about our species, such as why do people marry, what is the basis of gender roles in economic and social behaviour, why has fertility dropped so radically in most parts of the world, why are people such poor conservationists of natural resources, and many others.

Good government: Past and present

Since joining Purdue in 1976, Professor Emeritus Blanton has done approximately 36 months of archaeological fieldwork over many field seasons in Guatemala, Mexico, and Turkey, and has also completed several cross-cultural comparative research projects.  He has reported on this research in twelve books and 67 articles and chapters published through diverse outlets, including Cambridge University Press, ScienceAmerican AnthropologistAmerican AntiquityJournal of Field Archaeology, and Current Anthropology.  Blanton is best known for his resear