Sr. Academic Professional
Undergraduate Coordinator



Ph.D. Anthropology, Michigan State University 1989


Expertise & Interests

Medical and developmental anthropology from the perspective of political economy and applied anthropology
Cultural ecology
The political ecology of water
The Impact of migration
The cultural, economic and political analyses of populations


Research Projects

I am currently researching the implications of migration to Georgia and the Southeastern United States of a community of peasants from the State of Querétaro, Mexico. In the last decade, these peasants were forced to relocate when the construction of a major World Bank-funded hydroelectric project, a product of the North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), destroyed their communities in the early 1990's. I am exploring the impact of the loss of their main source of work, their land, and the subsequent loss of their cultural identity and how this impacts their environment, their economic well-being, their health status and their cultural traditions.


Selected Publications


  • Development and Its Social, Economic, and Educational Consequences: The Case of the Zimapán Hydroelectric Project. 2014: 115-125. In U.S. Latinos and Education Policy: Research-Based Directions for Change.  Ed. Pedro R. Portes, Spencer Salas, Patricia Baquedano-López, and Paula J. Mellon. New York and London: Routledge. 
  • The Destruction of Rural Mexico. The origins of immigration." Chapter Submitted for publication to the Book: “Pivotal Issues, Research and Policy Imperatives in Latino Education and Immigration” CLASE. UGA.
  • Mexican Civilization: Cultural Identity of Mexican People. (In preparation).
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