Adjunct Professor
Director, Center for Applied Isotope Studies

Contact Info

CAIS 164
Office Hours:
Tuesday & Thursday by appointment

Ph.D. Archaeology, University of Barcelona

M.A., Anthropology, University of Missouri, Columbia

B.A., Anthropology, Northern Arizona University

A.A., Anthropology, Cochise College

Of note:
  • Associate Editor, Geoarchaeology
  • Associate Editor, Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports
  • Editorial Board, Science and Technology in Archaeological Research
Research Interests:

Radiocarbon dating; isotope and trace-element geochemistry; archaeological science; environmental studies (heavy metals/industrial pollution and global and prehistoric climate change); terminal Pleistocene archaeology; prehistory of the Northern Plains, American Southwest, Alaska, and Northeast Asia; contact and acculturation, scientific method; quantitative research methods; and development of new analytical technologies, especially portable instrumentation.

Selected Publications:

Speakman, R.J., C.S. Hadden, M.H. Colvin, J. Cramb, K.C. Jones, T.W. Jones, C.L. Kling, I. Lulewicz, K.G. Napora, K.L. Reinberger, B.T. Ritchison, M.J. Rivera-Araya, A.K. Smith, V.D. Thompson (2017). Choosing a Path to the Ancient World in a Modern Market: The Reality of Faculty Jobs in Archaeology. American Antiquity 83:1–12.

Barrett, C.A., W. Chouyyok, R.J. Speakman, K.B. Olsen, and R.S. Addleman (2017). Rapid Extraction and Assay of Uranium from Environmental Surface Samples. Talanta 173:96–78.

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Cooper, H.K, O.K. Mason, V. Mair, J.F. Hoffecker, and R.J. Speakman, 2016. Evidence of Eurasian Metal Alloys on the Alaskan Coast in Prehistory. Journal of Archaeological Science 74:176–183.

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Speakman, R.J., N.C. Little, D. Creel, M.R. Miller and J.G. Iñañez, 2011. Sourcing ceramics with portable XRF spectrometers? A Comparison with INAA using Mimbres pottery from the American Southwest. Journal of Archaeological Science 38:3483–3496.