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Ph.D. Archaeological Materials Analysis, University College London Institute of Archaeology 2012


Research Interests

I am an archaeological materials scientist specializing in silicate materials (ceramic, glass, slag, and rock). My primary research interests includes the exploitation of raw material sources, reconstructing the technology and economics of production, the relationship between technological innovation and environmental stress, and material culture as an expression of identity. I am also interested in the development of analytical methods for materials analysis, such as application of cathodoluminescence spectrometry and spectroscopy for archaeological ceramic analysis. My research at CAIS includes the development and application of portable X-ray fluorescence (pXRF) for the non-invasive bulk chemical characterization of archaeological ceramics and sediments.


Selected Publications

Hunt, A.M.W., 2013. Development of Quartz Cathodoluminescence for the Geological Grouping of Archaeological Ceramics: Firing Effects and Data Processing. Journal of Archaeological Science 40(7): 2902-2912.
Hunt, A., 2012. On the Origin of Ceramics: moving toward a common understanding of 'provenance'. Archaeology Reviews from Cambridge 27(1): 85-97.
Martinon-Torres, M., I Freestone, A. Hunt and Th. Rehren, 2008. Mass-produced Mullite Crucibles in Medieval Europe: Manufacture and Material Properties. Journal of the American Ceramic Society 91(6): 2071-2074.